• About lumac photographerFirst at all, I would like to wish a warm welcome on my website.

You will find through these pages different pictures I like. Presenting one’s work is not an easy thing and I feel like exposing an intimate part of me, so I hope you will enjoy your visit in my world.

There is not a single day without thinking « photography ». Everything is a source of inspiration but I have always preferred landscapes. How beautiful is a sunrise or a sunset over mountains and seas! However, you might see on my website some portraits I really loved to make. I begin to think about merging both fields (FYI: I live in Jacksonville, FL)

I started photography 3 years ago. My first camera, a sony A290,  was a gift from my wonderful wife. I used to enjoy photography, but when I had that body in my hands, it became a new passion. I started to study the different techniques thanks to internet and some books. Day after day I tried different modes, different points of view, different settings. When I now have a look at my first pictures, I can see the progress I have done. But I still have a ot of work to do when I look at some famous photographers’ pictures.

If you are interested to get more informations about shooting, equipement or technics, feel free to fill in the contact form.

  • About website Lumac landscape and portrait JacksonvilleAbout the website

Please do not forget to have a look at my special « panorama » page where every picture is, at least, 20 feet long in the full size. You will be able to order them in a couple of weeks as well as some photography I selectionned for you (every picture will be printed to 30 numbered copies and will have the certificate « work of art »)

You will also find here links to photographers’ work I like. Some of them are international renowned profressionals; other are simply like me, just passionate persons.

I wish you a good visit.


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